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What is HYIP?

High-Yield Investment Programs offer investors income that is tens or even hundreds of times greater than the rates that banks offer. They are based on forex trading, hot stocks... blah, blah, blah.

It’s all a lie. All HYIPs are financial bubbles, pyramids, or outright Ponzi schemes. Unlike actual economic bubbles, the lifespan of an HYIP is measured in days or months — in very rare cases, in years. This business involves hundreds of HYIP owners and tens of thousands of investors worldwide. Let's get to the bottom of why investors continue to invest in HYIPs.

Is it possible to invest successfully in an HYIP?

In spite of their initially pyramid scheme-like design, HYIPs really do pay out. A number of HYIP monitors and independent investors keep an eye on precisely this. HYIPs pay out for quite a while and bring investors appreciable profits. A program may suddenly be shuttered, but many investors will still end up in the black — and significantly so. Let's look at a few actual HYIPs that have been closed already, starting with long-term ones.

Program Name
Oil Capital
3.20% Daily 50 days 30 January 2010 600 days 320% in 100 days
RePro Finance
1.70% Daily 90 days 05 June 2010 545+ days 153% in 90 days
1.15% Daily 30 days 11 May 2010 499 days 103.5% in 90 days
2.1% Daily 75 days 02 June 2010 418 days 157% in 90 days
Best Ethanol
30.00% After 2 weeks 12 weeks (84 days) 15 January 2010 298 days 180% in 84 days
Red Orchid Invest
1.5% Dauly 66 days 17 February 2010 327 days 99% in 66 days
Income Non Stop
1.5% daily 90 days 12 July 2009 595 days 135% in 90 days
2% daily 100 days 27 August 2010 595 days 200% in 100 days
Federal Deposit Fund
1.2% daily 100 days 02 May 2010 506 days 120% in 100 days
3.5% daily 60 days 09 November 2010 317 days 210% in 60 days

As clear from the table, the lifespan of these HYIPs is several times longer than the investment period. You can see that if we had invested $1,000 in each of the ten programs, in three months we would have profited to the tune of $15,560! 155.6% in three months! Not bad at all. But you have to be able to select the right HYIP. We'll talk about that a bit later.

As far as short-term high-yield investment programs, here you need to be rather careful. These HYIPs offer incredible returns — up to 20% per day — but burn out extremely quickly. Still, it is possible to do well here too. Examples of successful short-term HYIPs:

Program Name
EY - Profit
120% after 1 day 1 day 30 October 2010 17 days 200% in 10 days
Growing Forex
106% after 1 day 1 day 24 May 2011 121 days 60% in 10 days
Profit - Reservation
110% after 1 day 1 day 25 April 2011 35 days 100% in 10 days
Vasta Orkland Fund
109.00% After 1 day 1 day 24 May 2011 97 days 90% in 10 days
Fixed - Income
109% after 1 day 1 day 27 October 2010 70 days 90% in 10 days

It's not worth the risk to invest large amounts in short-term HYIPs. While long-term programs may handle millions of dollars, for shorter-term ones, receiving your $10,000 investment may be reason enough to stop paying out and to shut down the program.

Selecting an HYIP to invest in.

The main problem in HYIP investing is that some HYIPs close before the investor is able to break even on his or her investment. So you have to be able to properly evaluate the potential of a new HYIP. And in no case should you put all of your eggs in one HYIP basket. For long-term programs, design, user support, the existence of a real registered company, phone number, and regional representatives are all important. Make note of the hosting and SSL support. Short-term programs should also have a decent design. If the administrators of an HYIP spend serious money on advertising, this is a sign that the program itself is serious.

Our project has been created precisely to analyze HYIPs and to help in the search for the right investment plan. Read more about what we do here.

Where to start?

To start investing, you need to open an electronic payment account. Most HYIPs work with Liberty Reserve and with Perfect Money; these are offshore payment systems with irreversible transactions and a degree of anonymity. Recently, many HYIPs have started to accept AlertPay. We recommend this payment system, which is officially registered in Canada and makes payments worldwide. To top up your Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money balance, you can use exchangers that are listed in the corresponding sections on the payment system websites. To top up your AlertPay balance, go to the Deposit section on the AlertPay website. Then you will need to create an HYIP account and invest according to your plan.

Most importantly: never invest in an HYIP money that you are afraid to lose. The high returns on HYIP investments are the flip side of the high risk which is particularly acute for beginning investors.

Good luck and many returns!

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