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About our work

PoppularHYIP is a unique tool for monitoring investment projects, which will help you not only to evaluate one or another HYIP, but also find a specific plan according to your requirement.

Yes, we deal with each plan of this or that project individually (up to three for one program). Each plan has its rating and all parameters are presented in a single table, which you can easily sort by any field (just click on the column header). And you can remove unnecessary fields in the 'Customize output' section. We also recommend that you use the 'Minimum deposit' and 'Days Online' filter.

Your settings are saved in Cookies; therefore, next time you use our monitoring you will not have to set everything all over again. Your 'Favorites' are also saved.

Data actuality

We collect data from the best monitors several times per hour. Their status is shown in the 'Other Monitors' column and upon
pressing '+'. We receive all new projects even if they are present in only one of the top monitors. You don't have to control several monitors by yourself, we will do this for you.

We don't carry out our own monitoring during a promo-period, and project status corresponds to those of other monitors. If at least one of them has 'Problem' or 'Not Paying' status, the status of this program in our monitoring will automatically change to the appropriate one.

Please pay special attention to all programs with 'Not Paying' status. Especially if the status of other monitors is positive. This means that the program pays monitors, but doesn't pay ordinary investors. The decision is made on the basis of our own independent investments, as well as on the basis of your 'Scam Report' comments and votes.

What is ‘Real Daily Profit’?

This is a special factor which will help you to evaluate the real profitability of the program. There are many variations of representing investment plans (undoubtedly their purpose is to confuse the investor). We calculate your real profit. Let's take a look at a couple of examples:

- Plan example 1: '3% daily for 40 days. Principal Included in payment'. Real Daily Profit =0.5%.(You will receive 120% for 40 days, but your primary deposit will not be returned; therefore, net profit will amount to 20% for 40 days or 0.5% daily).

- Plan example 2: '107% after 5 days'. The Real Daily Profit will amount to 1.4%

- Plan example 3: '1.2% daily for 30 days. Principal return after the end of period'. Everything is clear. Real Daily Profit=1.2%.

For Lifetime projects with no return of the primary deposit, Real Daily Profit is calculated for a period of 180 days. For example, for the '1.4% daily forever' plan, it will be 0.84% (in 180 days you will be paid 1.4*180=252%, and net profit will amount to 152%; we divide it by 180 days and get 0.84%). If the program involves return of the inital deposit with fee, we include this as well.

An extra factor of 5/7 (~0.7143) is applied if the program pays only on business days (Mon-Fri). Obviously, the profitability of plans that pay 7 days a week is 1.4 times higher compared with similar business-days plans.

Therefore, Real Daily Profit is the real profitability index of this or that investment plan. We hope it will help you to orient yourself quickly in complex HYIP-program offers.

What does the ‘All Plans’ checkbox mean?

If this box is not checked, only one plan of each program that most fully corresponds to the current sorting method is shown in the table. For example, if you sort the table in order of increasing 'Min.Deposit', plans with the lowest ‘Min.Deposit’ will be shown. If the box is checked, all plans of each program will be shown in the table (not in order of succession, but according to sorting parameters).

What is Rating for?

Under no circumstances ignore this option! Rating is calculated according to a complicated formula with due account of our investment experience and analysis of many HYIP-programs. It doesn’t depend solely on the program’s lifetime, but we also consider such parameters as payback, min.deposit, number of monitors, investment period, withdraw type and other parameters. Our personal opinion can also influence Rating.

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